Tea Sugar And A Dream

Yayınevi : Truva Yayınları
Yazar : Shirley Smith
Kategori : Genel
Basım tarihi:Mayıs 2010 / 1. Baskı
Kapak : Karton
Sayfa sayısı :320
Kağıt:İthal kağıt
Dil : Türkçe
Etiket fiyatı : 17.48 + %8 KDV = 19 TL
Kültür TV fiyatı 15.20 TL



Shirley Smith, from a small village near Invercargill, in New Zealand the southernmost city in the world. She grew up in a family of five with a secure and happy childhood. With little money for extras, she learnt the piano, attended Brownies and Guides, played sport and remembers lots of family picnics. Primary, then Secondary School where she learnt about the ‘other side of the world'. She worked in a lawyer's office then marriage following shortly after. Three children, a committed life to various organisations, appointment of a Justice of the Peace took up the following thirty years. With the children all adults and settled, a marriage separation, the time seemed right to experience some of the stories she had read and heard about. She felt it was time to go and step out of her ‘Comfort Zone', even at nearly 50, and so happily she did just that. She hopes you enjoy reading about the places she has visited, adventures she has had and encourages you to do the same.
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