There Is One Who Loves You

Yayınevi : Carpediem Kitap
Yazar : Ömer Sevinçgül
Kategori : Öykü
Basım tarihi:Temmuz 2010 / 1. Baskı
Kapak : Karton
Sayfa sayısı :200
Kağıt:İthal kağıt
Dil : İngilizce
Etiket fiyatı : 13.80 + %8 KDV = 15 TL
Kültür TV fiyatı 12.00 TL



After you finish reading this book, you will become a completely different person! When you start to ask questions like, ‘What is the meaning of life, where did I come from, what will happen after death?', the only answer you will get is, ‘Are you crazy?'. Or they might say, ‘Did you have a fight with your boyfriend!'. They cannot imagine that normal people too can question life... Well, it's not like I care! A smart young girl... She reads books... Thinks..... Questions.... She neither believes nor denies... She is hesitant... Interested in literature..... Writes papers..... Is interested in philosophy.... One day she meets an author on the internet.... He is an interesting man who has made reading, thinking and writing a lifestyle... Despite never seeing the author's face, a very strong bond develops between them.... They write to each other about everything on life... As time passes by , the topics too get deeper and more interesting..... An original book which touches upon the fundamental topics which concern every man at every time... It is an essay of thinking together... It is the story of searching for the truth... This is how it addresses its readers: If you open your arms wide enough, you'll never be left alone.... If you never lose hope, you'll fly without wings.... If you live as you believe, you will never become a slave.... You will find yourself, every time you look for the truth.... And you will understand life , when you get to understand a flower.... If you keep your heart warm, you won't burn....... In fact, you are a book, if you know how to read...
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