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Simple Short Fun Philosophy

Yaynevi : Carpediem Kitap
Yazar : Ömer Sevinçgül
Kategori : Genel
Basm tarihi:Temmuz 2010 / 1. Bask
Kapak : Karton
Sayfa says :240
Kat:İthal kağıt
Dil : Türkçe
Etiket fiyat : 13.80 + %8 KDV = 15 TL
Kltr TV fiyat 12.00 TL



The philosophy book which you have been looking for: Should it be unique... Should it be crazy... Should it be wild... Should it be a little funny... Should it be reliable... Should it be simple and short... Should it be enjoyed while reading it... Well there you go, you are looking right at it... This book explains the essence, summary and foundations of Philosophy... It introduces Philosophers in a chronological order and talks about their lifestyles. It explains their fundamental thoughts in short... You can call this book ‘a plain history of philosophy' too.... It explains mankinds' two thousand five hundred year old thought adventure in a story-like manner. It's language is plain, fluent, simple.... It has the slight air of aphorism... It can be read in one go.... What's more to say..... 'Can a philosophy book be as entertaining!'
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